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Love the Bus

If you’re not too busy tomorrow from 6-8pm (Friday, June 17th), come and support the guys from “Love the Bus” at the Apple Store on Boylston street. These guys are doing all they can to give back to the community, and truly deserve some support. Check out this video to see what I mean:

If you’re still not sure what this is all about, all the more reason to stop by.
Plus, you stand a chance to win a Magellan iphone app if you tweet “@lovethebustv – see you at the apple store friday! I want a free app! #adventureforgood #magellan”


put “Going to see @lovethebus at the Apple Store in Boston on Friday! Might even win a Magellan Iphone App!” as your facebook status.

See you all there!

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Help Fund An Adventure For Good

Well folks, we are on the road! Thanks to over 200 individual and business supporters we have a beautiful bus, some functional production equipment, and enough money to get across the country on ramen, waste vegetable oil, and home-cooked meals whenever they present themselves. We can not appreciate those contributors enough: thanks to everyone who has given so far we are on the adventure of a lifetime and spreading optimism across the nation. We desperately need money for emergency situations (our bus has already broken down once), to contribute to causes across the country (we have a little...we would like a lot), and to make our trip that much healthier (greens are expensive). So check out the site, and contribute if you would like to support three young men on an Adventure for Good.
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  • 2012/10/10 10:35 PM Joel Burbach donated $ 100.00
  • 2012/07/12 1:54 AM Peter Neumann donated $ 250.00
  • 2012/06/09 1:43 AM patrick j obrien donated $ 25.00
  • 2012/05/19 12:00 AM jeanne lynch donated $ 25.00
  • 2012/05/15 2:02 PM Wendy Wickenden donated $ 50.00
$ 3300 raised

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