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FreePress: Love the Bus: On the Road Again

Corey McLean, Tyler Dunham, and Seth Brown in front of their bus on a recent morning in central Maryland, about to run a 5K race dressed as their bus to raise money for the Filmsters Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. The episode about the challenge will air this Sunday on their website,

Free Press

by Tyler Dunham, Seth Brown,
and Corey McLean

Three young men from Lincolnville – Tyler Dunham, Seth Brown and Corey McLean – left town in July on a quest to wander around the country in a converted school bus while doing good along the way, completing challenges to raise money for worthwhile causes wherever they are, and documenting their exploits at Tyler Dunham checked in this week with this update:

Monday, August 15-

Since Chartreuse – our bright green school bus – has been repaired, it’s been a mad rush to New York, Baltimore, then Washington, D.C. Candles are burning at both ends, countless coffees are being consumed, challenges are completed, fuel filters changed, and dozens of hours of video and hundreds of photographs remain queued for editing.

Slightly over one month ago, and only a week after our departure from Lincolnville, our bus broke down in southern New Hampshire. Originally, it was a fuel injector line break that sent diesel spewing out of the engine and left our bus sputtering along. Several calls over the following week, however, alerted us that while our bus was being towed, our radiator had been crushed, engine lifted, and engine fan broken. It took over three weeks for all the parts to be collected, our bus carefully pieced back together, and all systems go.

At 4:36 p.m. last Monday afternoon, Chartreuse roared out of Brian Bushman’s garage destined for Boston, New London, New York City, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington D.C. Five days later, we’d made it through that crazy journey while completing two challenges, raising almost $1,000 for two local organizations in the Bronx and Annapolis, and have settled long enough to write this update at Corey’s grandparent’s home in Washington, D.C.

Highlights from the week revolved around the absurdity of the times and the speed in which they occurred. Early on Friday we started a challenge in New York City – to cross Manhattan with our legs tied together – at 1 a.m. We completed it at 4:15 a.m. and drove immediately to Baltimore for a midday radio interview on Baltimore’s NPR affiliate. On almost no sleep, we built a cardboard mini-bus after the interview and Friday evening started our next challenge by speaking at Filmsters Academy Film Festival (our next cause). We encouraged individuals to make a donation to start a scholarship at the Academy and offered those who did an opportunity to sign the cardboard bus. At 5:45 a.m. Saturday morning, we drove to central Maryland to run a 5K with this cardboard bus wrapping the three of us together. It was pretty brutal at the time, but hilarious in hindsight. The New York City episode can be viewed now on our website,, and the Maryland episode will be out on Sunday (a Sunday).

In the time our bus was out of commission, we also gained our two crew for the summer. Kevin Neilan and Kelsey Aroian, two friends from random points in our lives, agreed to come aboard our crazy adventure and have been invaluable already. It’s been by far the craziest week of our journey – hopefully the most stressful of our entire trip – and they’re still in high spirits and stay incredibly flexible with our bizarre schedule and work spurts.

From this point forward, we’ll really start heading towards places unknown. At the time of writing, I honestly couldn’t tell you where we’ll be at the time this goes to print. We’re headed south, and then west, or vice-versa. We have had an incredible safety net for the last few weeks, with friends and relatives hosting our every move, but I know I can speak for everyone when I say that we are ready to really get out of our comfort zones, take some turns that we don’t know where they’ll lead, and really start this Adventure for Good.

Lots of Love, the Bus

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