Hi! We are Corey, Tyler and Seth…

Three filmmakers and adventurers searching for our place in the world.

We’re on a journey to document contemporary America, while trying to do something good at the same time.

YOU: Join the journey and make your mark on America.  Help create opportunities and stories that will inspire others to think outside the box. Because for some, a little optimism can go a long, long way.

Each button below involves you in a different way. So board the bus, and join the adventure!

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The world is full of good people doing great things yet the news is full of bad stories and depressing events. We’re out to do our best to change that…and you’re going to help!

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Enter Love, the Bus

Our rolling home and media station, a converted school bus that runs on vegetable oil needs your guidance. Gertrude, our Magellan GPS, has no clue about your town and the great things that are happening there. That is why we need your help!

  • Challenge usYou know those runners or walkers you sponsor for charity? Well, we thought it would be fun to let our viewers pick challenges and causes for us. We’ll document the challenge and the group that is chosen, and find local businesses to sponsor our challenge as we highlight the good in your community, love — like love, the Bus can keep on rolling.
  • Tell your friends! We need an audience. An audience brings attention to the things we all care about.
  • Road Tips and Invites because even fearless adventurers need to know where the best (or only) cyber cafe is.

Margaret Mead said it best, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”

So Join us on love, the Bus TV where we aim to entertain and inform you, fire up some optimisim, sweat a little… and together enjoy the finer things out your way.