What’s with the comma in “Love, the Bus”?

Great question. The project initially started with two things in mind: we wanted to take a bus across country, and we wanted to do something good. The title came a few weeks in as our signature for the trip: as we travel the country attempting to do good, we would sign our progress “Love, the Bus” in the same fashion a post card to a loved one is signed. No, our bus is not named “Love” or “the Bus”. She’s named Chartreuse.

Why Challenges?

They’re our version of a marathon for charity, in that we put ourselves on the line for a really awesome cause or organization. We don’t really like running, and we like to be spontaneous, so with the fact that they’re dictated by you we thought it would make for a great summer.

What’s a good Challenge/Cause?

Challenges need to be entertaining, remotely feasible, and not require a huge amount of infrastructure/advanced planning. Here are our favorite so far: Catch a catfish noodling, cross Manhattan with your legs tied together, surf a tanker wave, perform a choreographed dance in public.

Causes need to have a mission of supporting youth opportunity. We especially like to give to organizations that support the arts and the environment, but we’ll consider any youth-based cause or organization. Note: it does not necessarily have to be a 501c3, but does have to be validated in some way.

I’m generally really confused as to what you’re doing. Please help!

Oh man. Really? Here’s the deal: we’re three best friends who just graduated college (which split us for the first time since age 2). Last summer, we thought “We should do something really awesome together one last time before we go our separate ways” and so we bought a bus to take a road trip. Always movers & shakers, we couldn’t quite stop there and so we built this platform to give back as we went. Essentially, as we drive our bus across country, we’ll accept challenges from our viewers. We’ll attempt to complete one of these every week, and if we do, we’ll give money we raise in that location, plus an equivalent amount of money we’ve already raised, to an organization that our viewers also suggest. We also post videos nearly every day to update our followers of our location and travels.

Is this the only summer you’re doing it / Would you ever want to be on a network?

This summer is major leap of faith for us, and depending on how it goes will really tell us a lot one way or another. If things go really well, we’d love to do it for a few summers. If networks are interested, sure we’ll have a conversation. We like doing the work ourselves, and really like that we can update our followers with episodes from that day, but we’re always open to new ideas.

You guys have really awesome songs in your videos…where can I find them?

Why thank you! Here is a playlist where you can listen/purchase most of the songs we use. We’ll also post the names of all of them on the youtube descriptions and you’ll just have to put the pieces together for the ones not on the playlist. We’re also working on our favorite roadtrip songs of all time playlist – which will be epic – but you’ll have to wait for that.

Why do you guys love Maine so much?

YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH MAINE?!?!?! We grew up there…and now embrace it after much agony as children finding things to do. It’s a bond most Mainers share…unless they hate it.