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  • Sep 19, 2011 [mp3-jplayer tracks="" title="love, the Bus on WGN weekend with Jen Weigel and Mary Long" captions="Jen and Mary chat with the guys from the 'Love Bus'"]
  • Aug 17, 2011

    Check out the Love the Bus NPR interview in Baltimore!
  • Aug 16, 2011

    Corey McLean, Tyler Dunham, and Seth Brown in front of their bus on a recent morning in central Maryland, about to run a 5K race dressed as their bus to raise money for the Filmsters Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. The episode about the challenge will air this Sunday on their website,
    Since our bus has been repaired, it's been a mad rush to New York, Baltimore, then Washington, D.C. Candles are burning at both ends, countless coffees are being consumed...
  • Aug 12, 2011

    Drivers headed north or south on Route 9D on Wednesday may have noticed an unusual sight by the baseball fields’ parking area...
  • Jul 12, 2011

    Lincolnville Natives Kick Off Cross-Country Project Watch the video here. Lincolnville - This neon green bus is making its way from Maine to California. On board are three Lincolnville natives who had an idea they wanted to take on the road. "W...
  • Jul 12, 2011

    LINCOLNVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Three Lincolnville natives have started a cross-country road trip to share stories of young people in the U.S. making a difference. Lincolnville Beach was where "Love, the Bus" began its cross-country journe...
  • Jun 29, 2011

    A great write up by TNGG on the Apple Store event with photos of the presentation.
  • Jun 19, 2011

    A great interview with the Free Press in mid-coast Maine. Nice photos of interior...
  • Jun 16, 2011

    Love the Bus on BuzzingLocal
    Nice write up about the Apple Store event. Thanks!
  • Jun 8, 2011

    Love the Bus crowd sourcing ideas to help youth projects
    ‘What good can we do?’ was the question that started it all. And at 3am on a drifting boat in Boston Harbor, three best friends came up with their answer: Road Trip!
  • Apr 16, 2011

    The Boys interview with TNGG
    Love, the Bus video interview with
  • Feb 18, 2011

    Imagine being able to take the summer off from your job to jump on a bus with your closest friends...
  • Jan 31, 2011

    Ah, the cross-country road trip. A post-collegiate, pre-real world, summer trip spent with friends...
  • Jan 20, 2011

    Everybody who has ever seen a school bus has at one time had this thought: what if I just...
  • Jan 14, 2011

    Four college graduates who grew up in Lincolnville are preparing for a cross-country trip this summer...
  • Dec 28, 2010

    The Maine Boys
    Keep up the support! 34 days remaining.